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The Best Way to Shop Vintage is Right at Home

Once again I have made a new friend from Instagram. This time she’s a soul sister. Lola and I both love fashion, style, vintage, art and classic movies. Owner of LaLolita Vintage, she sells her vintage finds on the Gram and shares fashion tips; I recently learned that men’s pants can fit an ample bottom better than women’s pants because the rise is deeper giving that booty more room to fit! When she posted a retro pair of Marine Corps pants, navy with a red stripe down the side, I had to have them. We decided to meet this weekend and when I asked if she wanted to be on the blog she obliged. So she showed up Saturday afternoon with bags full of gowns, blouses, pants and blazers. Once everything was hung on the clothing rack, we sat down over some rose and got to know each other.

She is close to her grandmother, as I was, and found her love of vintage and sewing from her. Her grandmother is a seamstress and still makes clothing for orphanages in Panama. Her aunt was married to a doctor, so Lola picked up on designer labels as a young child. She also finds inspiration from classic movies like My Fair Lady and Federico Fellini flicks. Her new obsession is Killing Eve, a drama series produced by the BBC and airing on AMC here in the states. The show’s costume design is on point; the killer is always dressed to the nines in designer dresses, heels and handbags so chic they'd make any woman swoon.

Lola graduated from Tallwood in Virginia Beach before moving to NYC to study fashion design at the Art Institute in the SOHO neighborhood of Manhattan (Jealous!). She quickly learned to rely on her intuition and resources when accomplishing various jobs that were all required without little to no direction. She’s done the same with her vintage pop-up boutique. After NYC she spent a year in Panama with family before returning back to Virginia, at which time she started a vintage pop-up boutique. With an eclectic style of her own she has curated a stunning collection of vintage finds. Without divulging all of her secrets she shared that while she finds some of her items at thrift stores most of her inventory is donated via estates of her mother and grandmother’s friends.

I tried on about a dozen pieces, all Lola’s picks. Since putting on a few extra pounds I have found pants and I are not on speaking terms --- until I tried on the most beautiful pair of olive green silk pants. Straight leg with a traditional zipper & button front they slid down my hips and legs creating the smoothest ladylike shape. I was in love. The DKNY summer wool plaid shorts suit was freakin adorable, but the shorts were a size 6. I got them zippered up, but the belly bulge was beyond unflattering. I toyed with the idea of buying the suit, because, “Yeah, I’m going to lose weight and this will fit one day.” We’ve been all there. Don’t buy it. I didn’t. I did buy three beautiful pieces: 1. The silk olive green pants 2. A salmon pink/orange Dana Buchman silk floor length shift dress 3. A 60’s house dress with floral bodice and a flowing fuschia chiffon baby doll skirt.

I didn't ask if Lola will come to your house - maybe she will? Reach out to her on Instagram. Otherwise you can find her at the Virginia Beach Flea Market the 3rd Saturday of each month at the Oceanfront in the ViBE district across from the Old Beach Flea Market. She also showcases her boutique at the Riverview Village Days in Norfolk, an open-air farmers' market held twice a month, on the 2nd & 4th Sundays, April-Dec. with artists, crafters, farmers, antique & food vendors and a food truck rodeo!!!


All fashion photos are my own


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