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I'm Hair For It

I’m Hair For It

Tell me something girl, are you happy in this modern world? Or do you need more? Is there something that you’re searching for? Raises hand. Yes, a great hair stylist. Or is it hairdresser? Hair cutter? Or just stylist? Hair colorist? Despite the moniker, hair is serious business. In 2018, the global hair care market was estimated to be worth $88 billion. (1) We purchase hair products (shampoo/conditioner, hairspray, dry shampoo), styling tools (blow dryer, flat iron, wands), and we spend even more on salon services (color highlights, haircuts, Brazilian blowouts). Ladies, that means we are spending an average of $55K in a lifetime on hair care. (2)

Our hair is the accessory we wear everyday. Whether it’s fine or full, curly or straight, we style our hair to tell the world something about ourselves. The long straight bob parted down the middle; classic, conservative. The short, curly pixie cut dyed mermaid blue; edgy, avant-garde. The long, wavy fringe; bohemian, nostalgic.

So let’s talk about with WHOM we’re trusting our precious locks. Introduce Brigitte Danyi, master hair stylist. I met Brigitte last year at the home of George Kartis, the photographer/model agent who graciously welcomed me to learn more about his annual charity vintage fashion show. Brigitte was in town helping style hair for both the guys and dolls for the show. She was quiet, amiable and ready to work at a moment’s notice. At the time she was living in NYC, where she called home for the better part of her adult life. She’s now relocating to Virginia where both her adult children live.

Brigitte has been a hair stylist as long as she can remember. Having lived on both coasts (NYC & LA) she recalls the various projects and prodigies she’s worked with; NYFW, Liza Gibbons Show, The Today Show, Charles Booth, Louis Licari. If you don’t recognize the last two just google them; you’ll find a fascinating history and photos of A-list clients. But Brigitte isn’t interested in dropping names, she doesn’t believe in it. “If you’re good at what you do, you don’t need to talk about it.” It took some coaxing but she finally and reluctantly told me some of her former clients: Susan Sarandon, Christie Brinkley, Jessica Lang to name a few. I’m not the type to name drop, either, but I have to admit I got excited when she shared she’s worked with one of the most recognizable fashion icons this century. Sorry, she was adamant that I used discretion - I can’t share on the blog. But I’m sure if you wanted to meet for a glass of wine and the subject came up, I may or may not oblige your request to spill the tea.

When I arrived for our interview, Brigitte was styling Lily Houch for a photo shoot. She’s not a colorist; she only cuts and styles hair. In fact, the model of stylists doing both color and cut is fairly new. In larger cities, like New York, Los Angeles and Houston stylists specialize in one or the other. The desired result, however, is the same: helping to make people look & feel pretty by enhancing their qualities.

Midway through our conversation, and very casually, Brigitte stated she needed to cut my bangs. “They’re too full for your fringe. They should be more piecey.” We chatted for a while longer and then she got to working her magic. What a difference a few snips here and there make!

She's a modest woman with no desire to brag about her history or her talent. She does feel strongly about personal care, though. Remarking how many women, especially in the south, who don't put effort into their look. "Don’t rely on your ponytail. Get a good haircut!" She shared some advice and some of her pet peeves:

  • Build a relationship with your stylist; they’ll learn your hair texture, hair currents, your personality giving you the advantage of someone invested in providing you an honest consultation

  • Get a great haircut/style - you can achieve a low maintenance up keep style when you receive a highly skilled haircut

  • Accentuate the positive and minimize the negative (also true with your wardrobe!)

  • Deep condition your hair. With what product(s)? How often? Consult with your stylist

  • Don’t buy drugstore hair products - the harsh chemicals will dry out your hair. Different hair, different product. Consult with your stylist

Moral of the story - find a good hair stylist and stick with her (or him). Brigitte will be taking clients full time next month. You can book with her directly: (310) 413-7544





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