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How To Mix Prints Like a Pro


Stick with Colors in the Same Family

This is the easiest way to mix patterns because there is very little coordinating needed. Just pick patterns that have the same colors in it. The black polka dots pants paired with the back and white stripe blouse with red flowers is a great example. They don’t compete with one another, and instead create a seamless look that allows the eye to flow from one pattern to the next.


Choose Colors That Complement Each Other

If you don’t have a color wheel and/or may want to learn more about color theory click HERE

Complementary colors are opposite each other on the color wheel, which means they are contrasting. They will always coordinate well together for this reason. When choosing patterns using this rule you may want to start small and add a patterned accessory like your shoes or a neckerchief.

PHOTO CREDIT: Who What Wear on Buzzfeed Article


Deliberate Pattern Clash

To achieve this look and avoid looking like you dressed in the dark with your grandmother’s wardrobe use the Three Color Rule. Choose colors that are evenly spaced out on the color wheel, like the primary colors red, yellow and blue. Fashion icon, Iris Apfel, does this flawlessly in her western fringe blue leather jacket embroidered with vibrant yellow & red flowers and accessories to boot.

PHOTO CREDIT: Vanity Fair Article


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