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The 5 Best Ways to Conceal Your Midsection

After reviewing the Apple Shape Infographic you should now know how to determine if you're an apple shape. Your traits, your assets and your goals to elongate your body silhouette. Yes, you got this. Or do you? How do you create the illusion of a defined waist? Or accentuate runway-worthy legs? And how do you flaunt your buxom bosom but keep it classy? In other words, what are you supposed to wear to achieve these goals? Look no further than the "Wear This" section of your Apple Shape Style Guide.

To camouflage your midsection you want to choose garments that pull the eye away from this area to either accentuate an asset of elongate your silhouette.

V-neck tops are your best friend: the shape naturally pulls the eye upward towards your face and away from your midsection.

Generous button-up: this does not mean baggy, this means a straight cut button-up top that grazes your chest and midsection down the body line, creating a longer, leaner look. *Make sure the chest fits properly; i.e. there is no pulling or gathering when entirely buttoned up, nor is there gaping between buttons holes that reveal your undergarments and/or body.

Stylist Tip: If needed have the shirt tailored to fit your body shape. This is an inexpensive way to customize your clothing and maximize your wardrobe.

Empire waist top/dress: an empire waist hits directly below the bust on the highest part of the natural waist. The fabric below the waist falls softly outward. This creates the illusion of a smaller waist and simultaneously camouflages the midsection, making this top of the most comfortable and chic choices.

Trapeze dress: similar to an a-line dress this cut has more fabric to create a billowy look. The length of this dress should right above the knee. This does two things: 1. It falls freely over your body line camouflaging your apple shape 2. it shows off your long lean legs

Poncho: While other body types may be swimming in this garment, you look chic and put together. A poncho is cut loosely and falls over the larger parts of your body, your chest and your midsection.

Explore the style guide for more examples of each style goals listed in the infographic. Need more help? Reach out to me; I'd love to help!

x0x0 Nicole

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