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Emily Anne Esthetics: The Best Facial in Virginia Beach

Finding an Esthetician Who Will Provide Personalized Skin Care

I’ve had my fair share of facials throughout the years - everywhere from Kingsmill Spa to the Chrysm School of Esthetics. And while they have all been fairly good experiences none have really compared to my experience last weekend with Emily Anne Esthetics.

Emily Anne Esthetics - tranquil spa room

When you enter her office it is bright, uncluttered and tranquil. Emily is quiet and inviting. We chatted briefly while I filled out my paperwork and then she led me to a private room. You can tell how much thought Emily has put into her space. There are honeycomb wooden shelves displaying products on the wall as you walk in, once again leaving the space uncluttered and clean.

Emily Anne Esthetics - cozy dressing area

She’s repurposed decorative mirrored closet doors and paired them with a vintage armchair and side table for her clients to place their personal belongings.

She invited me to undress from the waist up and lay on the bed under the ponte knit blanket while she slipped out of the room. “The bed padding is heated,” she said before leaving the room. “If it’s too hot we can adjust the temperature when I come back.” Well, what a delight, especially because it was cold and wet with frozen snow outside.

I slipped under the covers, wrapped in a cocoon of warmth. Its then that I noticed the waves softly crashing on the soundtrack behind me. The pampering hadn't even begun and I was already so relaxed.

Emily was very communicative throughout the entire service, letting me know when there would be bright light, cold serums, and even the personalized regimen she would provide. As we were well into the facial I noticed each time she wrapped my face in a warm towel there was a refreshing & relaxing scent of eucalyptus. This was a first for me - the only other time I’ve had an essential oil soaked towel was after a 90 minute hot vinyasa class. Having earned that small treat, Emily’s eucalyptus towels were a reminder of just how personalized she made her services.

Although I got the resurfacing treatment Emily also included Diamond Microdermabrasion, explaining that she believes it’s more important to provide each client with their individual unique needs. Emily has differentiated herself by assessing your skin to completely customize the service you receive. This is much different than a typical facial, as you usually pay for one package and add-ons are additional.

You can see the blissful smile on my face in the “after” photo. The tranquil environment, the personalized treatment and the face massage had me on cloud nine. You better believe I booked my next appointment for 5 weeks out, and I encourage you to do the same. Take an hour out of your day to treat your skin. Facials are a great way to get rid of dead skin cells and remove stubborn blackheads. It’s also an affordable way to pamper yourself. I promise you’ll feel refreshed, relaxed and renewed.

You can book your facial with Emily HERE

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