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Iceland Bound 🇮🇸✈️

It's been 6 years since John & I have gone on a vacation. We go to NYC together a few times a year and we've traveled separately for various reasons. John has been to the Virgin Islands every April for the last three years touring with his band Buddha Council. I went to Colorado with a girlfriend in September 2016 for a Young Living convention and to Chicago May 2017 as my hair stylist’s date to a wedding. The last time we traveled for an extended period of time was to Jamaica for our late honeymoon in January 2013. This vacation is loooong overdue.

Why Iceland you ask? Why not!? The Scandinavian country is located just south of the Arctic Circle and rests atop two plate tectonics that make up The North American and European continents. With active volcanoes the entire island is geothermally heated. Natural thermal pools are prevalent throughout the country and year round swimming is understandably part of the national curriculum. Geysers, glaciers, black sand beaches, basalt column cliffs, mountains, and volcano rock fields make the geography something otherworldly. Iceland ancestry has strong roots to Norway and all their folklore & superstitions; they believe in fairies, trolls and gnomes. As if all these aren't reason enough to make the trek, the island is located near the northern pole. The planetary magnetic fields are strong here, so much that the sun’s solar flare winds are pushed away from entering the earth's atmosphere, i.e. Aurora Borealis, aka the Northern Lights. Yes.

Besides chasing these elusive sky spirits, we’ll be hiking canyons, fjords, glaciers and city sidewalks. Style will not be my first priority on this trip nevertheless still a major factor. Functionality, practicality and the ability to fit into a carry on: these are musts. But... a girl’s gotta look good, so I started planning my wardrobe a week in advance. More on this later.

As you read this post I will be flying across the Atlantic Ocean on our first trip to Europe. We will be celebrating 8 years of marriage with all it's ups and the downs that we’ve worked so hard to get past. Marriage isn't easy folks, but if you are willing to work hard, compromise and communicate the fulfilling love and support you sow is incredibly worth it. Here's to us, Bae. I love you.

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