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I'm Creating a Home Studio

Style is primarily visual; you have to see it to be inspired. Photos are impactful especially with good copywriting, but they're one dimensional. A video allows the audience to hear their inspiration, it gives them privy to the nuances and body language that's not always revealed in a photo. It also opens a window into their source’s life and personality. In conjunction with my blog videos seem to be the natural progression in what I offer my audience. They are easily shareable to Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. So after I hired a brand strategist last fall we immediately agreed that The Everyday Runway needed a YouTube channel.

That sounds easy enough. Just record yourself and share online. So what materials are needed to accomplish this? I'd need a video camera, possibly a microphone and a visually appealing background/setting. I'd need the ability to record myself sitting and standing depending on the subject matter. My IPhone video camera would suffice for the time being, and I'd have to experiment without a microphone. All I need now is a visual appealing background/setting. Ok, where’s that? Not our home office; it's on the landing between the second and third floor where I'd have to hang a backdrop and the space available wouldn't give me room to record standing up. My inherent perfectionism demands a convenient, unfussy space complete with my personal brand aesthetic. The only reasonable thing to do is convert a room in the house. LOL. But seriously.

I live in a three story 1500 sq ft townhome condo. The first floor is a one-car garage and laundry room, second floor is the kitchen, living room, dining room and half bath, third floor is the master bed/bath and 2nd bedroom with full bath. Each floor has a private balcony and we are the end unit, so we have lots of natural light. The 2nd floor has an open floor plan so the space feels larger than it really is. But it's still only 1500 sq ft. We have a gorgeous dining room setup with a mid century china cabinet turned bar, a contemporary dining room table with an aluminum table top and matching sideboard. To pull the mixed metal dining room set and mid century bar together we paired them with industrial adjustable bar stools with metal bases and wooden seats. It looked really good. However, besides decorating the room for the holidays and using the table for crafts or flat lay photos from time to time, the room was not being used very often. Lightbulb moment! The dining room would be perfect for my home studio.

I am excited to eventually reveal the finished room. It's taken a lot longer to accomplish than expected, but we are well on our way. Until the reveal here is some home studio inspo:

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