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Everything You Need to Maximize Your Seasonal Wardrobe

Winter is practically here, fall is in full force. The temperature finally hit below 50 degrees this week in Virginia Beach, so up to the attic I went to retrieve my fall/winter bins. Summer cotton tank tops for cashmere blend turtlenecks, linen drawstring pants for winter fleece leggings, and strappy embellished sandals for fur lined suede booties.I love the process of reintroducing seasonal pieces, it’s almost like having a new wardrobe!

I started to clear out the obvious warm weather garments, like a gorgeous French linen crop top from French Twist Boutique and the pink crepe off-the-shoulder ruffle top from Bahama Shop. But there were several pieces I knew could be layered and worn throughout the coming months, like a floral slip dress from Target and and the spaghetti strap peplum top from Marshall's.

Maximize your budget by wearing certain garments between seasons by layering to achieve this in the fall/winter months. As much as you like some of your warm weather garments some items are not practical for the colder months. How do you know which items to store and which to keep? Consider the following:

Layered Summer Cotton Dress

MATERIAL: When layered will the garment pack enough heat to keep you warm when the temperature drops? For instance linen is not appropriate for winter winds just as heavy wool isn’t appropriate for the sweltering summer sun. If the fabric is too light pack it up.

YEAR ROUND: Cotton, lightweight wool, poly-blends, medium knits, suede, leather

HOW TO: Remember layering the name of the game. Underneath your favorite summer shift wear a complementary button shirt. And since its cold outside cover your legs and put on some tights. Layer on a pair of socks and booties, add a vest, a belt and some jewelry. Cuteness abound!

Layered floral slipdress & turtleneck

PRINT: Ask yourself if you look like you’re headed to a backyard cookout or the fireside oyster roast? Tropical palms, ferns & pineapples say poolside, beach bound and tan lines. Keep those items packed until spring break. Break out your tartan skirt, winter plaids and fairisle sweaters.

YEAR ROUND: neutral prints like polka dots, geometric prints, ditsy prints, big/bold florals

HOW TO: That very French little number, the floral slip dress? Its pretty light but layered properly and it can withstand a good chill. Pop on a turtleneck in a coordinating pattern underneath the dress, and finish the look with an obi belt and suede knee boots. Hope you're ready for all the compliments.

Layered Lace Dress with Tights and Leather Jacket

​TEXTURE: This one is a bit more difficult to determine. Use your gut...and these examples: Swiss dot and dainty lace are best for spring weddings and Easter brunches, just as quilted skirts and sequined pants are best for Christmas dinner and NYE cocktails. If it feels light and airy versus heavy and solid then it should be stored until your flower beds begin a bloomin.

YEAR ROUND: sturdier lace, metallics

HOW TO: That sturdy lace is shown here in a gorgeous winter white mini dress. This chic babe knew it would stand out against the contrasting black tights, leather ankle boots and leather jacket. I want to be her when I grow up.

Layered Summer Tank & Turtleneck

COLOR: Same as prints, ask yourself if the color says Hawaiian luau or Thanksgiving dinner. Pastels are pretty for perennials, but deep jewel tones are ideal for the grayer days ahead.

YEAR ROUND: earth tones like grey, brown, taupe and black, but don’t discount bright colors like magenta, blood orange, cerulean blue and kelly green

HOW TO: The black camisole; a valuable, classic basic to any wardrobe. Stick with neutral colors, like this white ribbed turtleneck and a classic pair of jeans. What you get is effortless style. Hello new winter uniform.





Print: Photo courtesy of moi


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