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If You Are Pear Shape This is the Style Guide You Need

Pear Shape Style - Bree Warren

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Pear shape is probably the most common of female body shapes. You've got hips and a booty for days with a tiny waist, and your chest/shoulders tend to be narrow, not necessarily small. The distinguishing feature to a pear shape is the width of your thighs compared to your hips. If your thighs are wider than your hips you are a pear shape. To create the illusion of an hourglass you want to emphasize your small waist and add volume to your shoulders.

Wear this to broaden your shoulders:

  • Boatneck tops

  • Slashed neck tops

  • Sleeves with ruffles or other embellishments

  • Well-cut structured jackets (preferably cropped)

Wear this to soften your hips:

  • A-line skirts

  • Maxi skirts

  • Sheath dress

  • Flared jeans (slim flare)

  • Flat front wide leg trousers

  • Belted A-line coat

Wear this to elongate your body:

  • Off the shoulder fit-and-flare dress

  • Tea length skirt or dress

  • Pointy toe shoes

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