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3 Easy Ways to Be a Fall Fashion Trendsetter

It's that time of year again; the leaves are changing and the air is crisp and cool-- (at least we hope it will be soon in Virginia). You’ll find yourself with friends at football games, apple picking with your family or outside at the local brewery. We all know the uniform: cable knit sweater, a pair of skinnies and your favorite pair of boots. I bet you even have a scarf to pull it all together. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with this classic style, (it’s okay to be a little basic!) I am challenging you to switch up your game. There are so many trends to try this season that are easy to wear, you’d regret not trying at least one.

I know, I know. As inspirational and fun as they are, trends can also be daunting and overwhelming. Which trend do I choose? Do I have to commit to one look? How do I incorporate them into my existing wardrobe? Can I afford it? I'm anxious I won't be able to pull off a certain look. Trends are for fashion people. Take solace there are a few simple ways to elevate your fall look without any angst.

3 Easy Ways to be a Fall Fashion Trendsetter


Approachable and effortlessly cool, you’ll definitely score a touchdown at the next football game with this look. Maybe you prefer to be the coolest babe in the pumpkin patch? You can wear this trend pretty much anywhere but the corporate office space.

Dig out your old boot cut jeans, pair them with a vintage t-shirt, boots, and a leather jacket. Prairie patterns, boho florals, western plaids, denim on denim, southwest motifs and shearling are all acceptable. Accessories? Gold hoops, a turquoise pendant or a bolo tie.

Easy swaps:

  • A-line mini suede skirt vs boot cut jeans

  • Interest sleeve top vs vintage tee

  • Strappy leather sandals vs boots

  • Cropped jean jacket vs. leather jacket

  • Bandana scarf vs bolo tie




More versatile than you would imagine, this trend ups the ante on the classic menswear style. The name of the game here is to not take the suit so seriously. While the most extreme version of this trend is head to toe pattern, the more subtle version is just as impactful and will stand the test of time. Depending on how you spin it you can wear this to your next marketing meeting, to opening night at the opera or when you want to offer your lover a raise in the boardroom (if you know what I mean *wink).

Try these combinations based on where you're going and what you're doing:

  • Marketing client meeting? No problem. Tailored suit (preferably in a bold color) with a half tucked in t-shirt and embellished slip on sneakers.

  • Your office dress code is more formal? Try a three piece suit.

  • That gala you’re attending Saturday night? A tailored tuxedo or a dark color suit with a subtle pattern.

  • Ditch your shirt altogether and meet for drinks, making weekday date night more exciting than the usual Netflix and chill.

  • Bright colors and patterns can break up the monotony of any work week. Pick one that makes you feel most confident.

Mix It Up:

  • Classic leather heels, fun strappy heels, brogues or loafers

  • Minimal jewelry with sleek, clean lines

  • Turtleneck, sweatshirt, secretary blouse, classic button-up with a skinny tie




Bring it on for date night, delight your girlfriends at brunch next weekend or turn heads at the grocery store. Confidence and personality: a requirement, this trend is for the adventurous. Think color, pattern, texture and then think more color, pattern and texture.

That pleated midi skirt with the bold print? Yes, pull that baby out of your closet and style it with a fun pair of heels that share an accent color in the skirt’s print. Tuck in a solid color top and embellish with bold jewelry. Don't stop there! Finish this look by layering on a jacket or overcoat in a complementary color*.

This trend may seem to be the most overwhelming, but if you follow these easy tips you’ll pull it off without looking like you got dressed in the dark.

  • Start with one bold piece, like a bubblegum pink blazer.

  • Take it to the next level with your accessories and pile on your baubles in coordinating colors. Like style icon Iris Apfel says, “More is more. Less is a bore.”

  • If you're ready to hear all the compliments AND the bewildered criticisms, start wearing the complimentary colors and patterns. Afraid you'll be the only one? Call me, I'll join you for drinks in my creative ensemble.

*Jewelry designer, Katy of South Paw Studios, created a free downloadable color chart.



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