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Organize Your Closet in 3 Simple Steps


There is nothing worse than a closet packed to the brim with clothing that isn’t being worn. It doesn’t make getting dressed easy or enjoyable. In fact it could have a negative affect on your psyche. Kind of like the pile of bills on your desk, a overpacked closet can make you feel anxious and overwhelmed. Let’s fix that.

Get rid of it. Yes, go through and simply get remove all the clothes, shoes, handbags, accessories you are no longer wearing/using.

This includes items that have holes, tears, rips or any other damage that cannot be repaired.

Insider tip: Waiting to fit into that dress you purchased as motivation to lose 10 pounds? Toss it. Dress for the body you have today. Purchase the smaller size only when you have met your fitness goals.

Below: Before & After photos of a past Feature Friday Sarah Hill's closet. She removed 3 garbage bags full of clothing!

Closet Before Purging

Closet After Purging


You’ll be amazed how much space you will create by doing this.

Since you won’t be wearing that fur vest this summer, nor will you wear those cute pom-pom sandals next winter, store them with your other out of season items.

Buy a storage tub, better yet a cedar-lined trunk, and store all seasonal items in a cool, dry place.

Insider tip: Keep lightweight jackets, cotton scarves and jeans out. These items are suitable all year round.

Wooden bin and burlap bags from French Twist Boutique:

Example of a cedar trunk below from the website


There is something to be said about having your clothes presented in an aesthetic that is pleasing to the eye and hangs at the same height; this will give you a sense of pride and ownership every time you open your closet to build that perfect outfit!

Invest in quality wooden or velvet hangers to synchronize your clothing.

You don’t have to spend a fortune, either. Places like TJMaxx, Marshalls, Ross, Burlington Coat Factory all offer hangers at very reasonable prices.

Insider tip: If you are working with a tight budget purchase two or three sets at a time, averaging $30 each trip.

Playing dress up at French Twist Boutique. Notice the hangers behind me:

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