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Need Help with Your Social Media? She's Your Woman.

We met through tHRive, young professional network, and Well Women, a women's personal growth group. It was obvious from the beginning that this woman had a voice and an opinion. She spoke up, she participated in large group settings, and she added value to each conversation. I wasn't surprised then to learn that she worked in communications.

Having started as a news producer Sarah Hill lived in Atlanta for several years before moving back to Hampton Roads, where she grew up. She now earns a living as a Chief Content Strategist for ODU's Distance Learning School. Last fall she started Hampton Roads Social Media Collective, a meet up for social media professionals, hobbyists and the like to exchange ideas and successes. Aaaaand she, her boyfriend and their friend have started a weekly online radio show focused on pop culture, discussing everything from movies, tv, comics, etc. The show also features local, unsigned bands from around the area. It airs Tuesday evening from 8PM - 10PM on

She will be at next week's First Friday at the Vibe District as a co-host for Angst at the co-working space 1701, where she and the other hosts will come together to share (laugh) at their old journal entries. With the Collective taking off Sarah has gained some traction as an authority on the subject and is now sought after as a speaker at various events on social media and the web. She is hosting the Wix Meetup on Website Building and Social Media this Monday at the ODU Center for Innovation.

Ok, so yes, Sarah is one busy woman. Her career is in an upswing and she's being noticed. A lot. That's when she reached out to me to help with her wardrobe. She and her boyfriend just purchased their first home in the historic Colonial Place neighborhood in Norfolk and she was adamant about not purchasing new clothes. She is on a debt diet and wanted to "re-invent" her existing wardrobe.

So we worked vigorously on purging her closet, organizing what we kept, and styling a few "go-to" outfits. It was important to Sarah that the outfits were professional, yet casual to reflect the type of work she does. She also wanted her personality to shine through. You can find Sarah on Facebook & Instagram. Social media people, check out the Collective page. And if you use Wix, the website building software, come to the Wix Meet Up this upcoming Monday, May 1. I'll be there, too! Stay tuned for the next blog post featuring the closet makeover and a few style tips that I taught Sarah.

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