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Adventures with Patterns

The story of this week's Feature Friday is one of kismet, as we were destined to meet. I'm always on the lookout for chic and stylish women to be inspired by and to feature on the blog. I've received many nominations from my friends & aqcuaintances, yet this woman really stood out. She had an infectiously big smile and she's not afraid to adorn it in a bold color. My kind of gal!

I'm in sales, so I cold-called her via Direct Message on Instagram and asked her if she wanted to be featured. Knowing she would be apprehensive and weary I encouraged her to visit my website and all my social media handles to assure her I was legit and not a serial killer luring her to an unassuming death. heh. She was interested and we began coordinating our schedules. She told me she was in school full time and managing full-time at Anthropologie at Town Center. HEY! My friend Anissa (last week's Feature Friday) works at Anthro. Coincidence or fate? I believe in fate.

Meet Gabi Olivieri, 31, a married woman transplanted from Brooklyn, NY to Virginia Beach, VA. During her 20's up north she was a media graphic artist for the NYC Law Department (um, cool!). She's currently pursuing her Bachelor's degree in Business Admin when she's not sashaying the everyday runway at Anthropologie.

She says her style is evolving; after moving down here from NY she took inventory of her wardrobe and realized it consisted of work clothes and club outfits. Nothing in between. So she's redefining herself...

She is exploring fashion as art and finding ways to coordinate her pieces rather than matchy-match them. Her adventures with patterns are well underway and she's not afraid of feminine, flowy pieces versus the body con styles she was wearing. She is smart, quick and a little shy - when you speak with her she is soft spoken, yet assured. I'd say she's embracing her womanhood and gracefully transitioning to new styles that still flatter all her curves.

She invests in shoes buying from reputable brands like Clarks (pictured) and Seychelles. I asked Gabi how she didn't spend her entire pay check on discounted clothes at her store. "Who said I don't?" was her response. LOL.

Thank you, Anissa, for vouching for me. Thank you, Gabi, for trusting me.

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