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In Her Nature

We met at a local networking group last fall and kept in touch over the months. She was in marketing for a moving company and I was there representing the hotel I work for as a sales manager. But as it goes we shared other interests in our lives and it quickly became clear that we shared the same love for fashion. I was thrilled & honored when this sweet pea reached out to share her new clothing line with me.

She described it as a pop-up clothing line and offered to feature some pieces for the blog. Win-win for both of us. I was surprised & delighted to find her pieces were custom curated. This was not multi-level marketing business - this was a full blown startup business. She saved her pennies for almost a year, quit her marketing job and charged head first into her personal business, Mind blown. Total admiration. Heart gushing.

Anissa Manuel, 26, owner of In Her Nature Boutique

All pieces $35 and under. Completely affordable.

Originally from Burbank, CA it was important to Anissa that her boutique reflect her lifestyle and fashion; adorable & affordable.

I'd say her style is current, cool and approachable. She describes it as relaxed, smart and with some major west coast boho influence.

Both models (me & Anissa) are wearing pieces from her boutique. Jean jacket and boots are her own.

Her inventory is updated on a weekly basis and can be purchased from her Facebook page or at one of her upcoming pop-up events.

Find the pop-up schedule on her FB page:

She's also available to host private parties: You and your friends at home with wine and cute clothes. Yes! When are we coming over?

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