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Each package is unique and customized, just like you and your personality. Services differ depending on your current needs: job promotion, career change, polishing your professional image, stepping up your weekend look, or reinventing your existing wardrobe are all reasons why clients hire me. The following packages are the most popular:

closet evaluation

  • Together we evaluate the clothes currently in your closet and determine which items to keep, donate or throw away

  • I show you ways to reinvent your existing items for fresh, new looks

  • We discuss your style, your comfort zone and whether or not you desire a change to your style

  • We spend around four (4) hours together. It sounds arduous, but believe it or not the time passes quickly. This process is the best way to build the foundation to a confident wardrobe

  • When we're finished you find that you feel empowered and excited to open your closet each morning to get dressed

  • After the evaluation I provide you with my suggestions for how to dress your body type, the most important items needed to complete your wardrobe foundation, and a few fun ideas to update your look

closet organization

  • I organize your clothing to maximize your closet space and make it easy & convenient to build outfits

  • Items are organized or stored by season and by category

  • I teach you how to properly fold & organize your chest of drawers for maximum space and convenience 

  • I'm obsessed with have really nice matching hangers and so will after I'm done with you! 

personal shopping

  • I shop with you teaching you what items to look for, which to avoid and provide feedback on clothing choices

  • I shop for you. You keep what you like and I return what you don't like.

fashion styling

  • I teach you how to use your existing wardrobe and your new purchases to build looks

  • Together we create your personal look-book of go-to outfits from head to toe including shoes, handbag, jewelry & accessories 

  • Yes, I Skype, FaceTime or Google Chat with you to accomplish this; the only stipulation for this feature is that we've completed a closet evaluation. I need to know you, your personality and the contents of your closet in order to provide this service to standard. 

special occasion

  • I dress you to look like the perfect of yourself whether it is for the annual charity gala, the interview for Executive Director of Your New Job or the first date. 

corporate speaking engagements

  • I prepare a 90 minute class based on your organization's needs & include:

  • Power point presentation 

  • Hands-on experience for audience to see, touch, feel and build outfits  

  • Hard copy and/or digital handouts

casual speaking engagements

  • I prepare a 60 minute class based on your group's needs & include:

  • Hands-on experience for audience to see, touch, feel and build outfits  

  • Hard copy and/or digital handouts

Services are billed on a $75/hourly basis, with a two hour minimum​.

The Closet Evaluation package starts at $300 for the initial four (4) hours. 

CONTACT ME to book your appointment. 

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