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Hi there! I'm 

image consultant & blogger based out of 

Virginia Beach, VA. 

Lover of all things vintage, fashion & art, I live to help others dress with individuality & confidence. 

Stick around to learn style tips you can apply everyday to your own wardrobe, and together we will celebrate your personality through fashion! 

 nicole wilkens



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I'm Creating a Home Studio

Style is primarily visual; you have to see it to be inspired. Photos are impactful especially with good copywriting, but they're one dimensional. A video allows the audience to hear their inspiration, it gives them privy to the nuances and body language that's not always revealed in a photo. It also opens a window into their source’s life and personality. In conjunction with my blog videos seem to be the natural progression in what I offer my audience. They are easily shareable to Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. So after I hired a brand strategist last fall we immediately agreed that The Everyday Runway needed a YouTube channel. That sounds easy enough. Just record yourself and share onli

Get Your Life Together

It's January 17 and I haven't posted on the blog since Black Friday. Yes, the holidays were crazy; I ate too much, I drank too much (and way too often) and I got lazy. I'm pretty sure the inches I lost late last summer are now thickly insulated with extra padding, because I have a muffin top and chin jowls. The content calendar I created was neglected and my social media presence has been almost non-existent. Get your life together, Nicole! To recap the last six weeks: John & I hosted Thanksgiving as we do annually. Our three story 1500 sq ft condo makes for an intimate evening with both sides of the family. John is our family’s master chef and every year he outdoes himself to deliver the ju

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