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Hi there! I'm 

image consultant & blogger based out of 

Virginia Beach, VA. 

Lover of all things vintage, fashion & art, I live to help others dress with individuality & confidence. 

Stick around to learn style tips you can apply everyday to your own wardrobe, and together we will celebrate your personality through fashion! 

 nicole wilkens



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I Can't With Black Friday and This Is Why

I can’t be the only one who skips the craziness of doorbusters and holiday deals. It’s bad enough that Christmas marketing starts before Halloween, now you can start your Black Friday shopping at midnight tonight - BEFORE Thanksgiving. Don’t get me wrong; I’m a clothes horse, so consumerism is not foreign to me, nor am I against it completely. I guess you can call me old fashioned, but I find solace in being home with family and friends, sharing stories and laughing over coffee and dessert as we nestle next to the fireplace. Besides who can go shopping gorged with a belly full of turkey, wine and stuffed mushrooms? I am not judging anyone who is that excited about whatever product they absol

Everything You Need to Maximize Your Seasonal Wardrobe

Winter is practically here, fall is in full force. The temperature finally hit below 50 degrees this week in Virginia Beach, so up to the attic I went to retrieve my fall/winter bins. Summer cotton tank tops for cashmere blend turtlenecks, linen drawstring pants for winter fleece leggings, and strappy embellished sandals for fur lined suede booties.I love the process of reintroducing seasonal pieces, it’s almost like having a new wardrobe! I started to clear out the obvious warm weather garments, like a gorgeous French linen crop top from French Twist Boutique and the pink crepe off-the-shoulder ruffle top from Bahama Shop. But there were several pieces I knew could be layered and worn throu

If You Are Pear Shape This is the Style Guide You Need

<--- Click the image for a FREE copy of the PEAR SHAPE STYLE GUIDE Pear shape is probably the most common of female body shapes. You've got hips and a booty for days with a tiny waist, and your chest/shoulders tend to be narrow, not necessarily small. The distinguishing feature to a pear shape is the width of your thighs compared to your hips. If your thighs are wider than your hips you are a pear shape. To create the illusion of an hourglass you want to emphasize your small waist and add volume to your shoulders. Wear this to broaden your shoulders: Boatneck tops Slashed neck tops Sleeves with ruffles or other embellishments Well-cut structured jackets (preferably cropped) Wear this to soft

Body Shapes and What You Need to Know About Yours

The secret to great style is no secret at all; wearing clothes that fit your body shape is integral to looking and feeling your best. Gone are the days when women just want to be skinny. Instead, women today want to be healthy and accept their body at every stage of life. Knowing your body shape will help you to create the illusion of balance by choosing specific garments to trick the eye. Let's accentuate your assets and enhance your shape. PEAR Traits: Your round hips and bottom are the widest part of your body You have a defined waist Your shoulders/chest are more narrow than your lower body Assets: Your tiny waist Great arms Goals: Create proportion by balancing your top half with your

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