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Hi there! I'm 

image consultant & blogger based out of 

Virginia Beach, VA. 

Lover of all things vintage, fashion & art, I live to help others dress with individuality & confidence. 

Stick around to learn style tips you can apply everyday to your own wardrobe, and together we will celebrate your personality through fashion! 

 nicole wilkens



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Organize Your Closet in 3 Simple Steps

1. PURGE! There is nothing worse than a closet packed to the brim with clothing that isn’t being worn. It doesn’t make getting dressed easy or enjoyable. In fact it could have a negative affect on your psyche. Kind of like the pile of bills on your desk, a overpacked closet can make you feel anxious and overwhelmed. Let’s fix that. Get rid of it. Yes, go through and simply get remove all the clothes, shoes, handbags, accessories you are no longer wearing/using. This includes items that have holes, tears, rips or any other damage that cannot be repaired. Insider tip: Waiting to fit into that dress you purchased as motivation to lose 10 pounds? Toss it. Dress for the body you have today. Purch

DIY Shoe UpCycle Collaboration

The Collaboration I love meeting new people, especially women who share the same sense of individuality and sense of style. Social media platforms are a great way to meet these peers, sometimes close by and sometimes half way around the world. Enter Emily of BlueUmbrellaLane, a blog on thrifting and sustainable style located in Melbourne, Australia. Emily & became acquainted on Instagram last year and our virtual friendship has slowly grown since then. As most IG friendships go we like each other posts and comment regularly, but we also talked about collaborating at some point. When I posted a photo of an easy DIY way to add flair to your shoes by using the clip-on earrings my mother gave m

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